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154. New Species of Woodwardia and Metasequoia from the Harutori Bed, Kusiro Coal-Field, Hokkaidô
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1942 Volume 1942 Issue 24 Pages 172-177_1


Little has been known of the fossil plants from the coal-bearing series of the Kusiro coal-field. This paper deals with the description of an occurrenee of new specjes of Woodwardia and Metaseguoia, W. Sasae and M. Kimurae, derived from the Harutori Bed of the Urahoro Series.
W. Sasae difiers from W. Endoana OISHI and HUZIOKA from the Woodwardia sandstoneof the Isikari coal-field in that the pinnules have obtuse or rounded apices and the lateral veins anastomose occasionally, while it differs from another allied species, W. Maxoni KNOWLTON, in that the pinnules have entire margin.
M. kimurae is named on some cones which are in a-coordance in the deeussate arrangement of the seminiferous scales to Metasequoia MIKI, but belonging to neither of the known species of this genus. This is the species very close to M. Onukii (Expo), M. japonica (ENDO), and M. disticha MIKI.

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