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Analysis of perceptual characteristics of pain describing in words caused by occupational cervicobrachial disorder and similar disease
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1988 Volume 30 Issue 3 Pages 132-143


In Research I, the sixteen words were supported as the pain descriptors by non-medical and medical subjects who have experienced these pains. Five perceptual characteristics (duration, interval, depth, area and intensity) of the pains described by the sixteen words were estimated by five-point scales and expressed in pentagon-profiles. Pains which were long duration and repeated frequently were deep and strong. Short and infrequent pains were shallow, weak and small. The long duration pains are deservedly intolerable than the short pains. The short pains are deservedly tolerable. The pentagon-profiles of the sixteen pains were ranked in order of “intolerability”. In Research II, a Japanese version of MPQ was compiled and analyzed by the same procedure as those in Research I. The thirty-five words were supported and differentiated from emotional or evaluative words by the same subjects as participated in Research I. These words were also arranged by the rank order of intolerability. Reliability of the subjects' estimation of the pains was supported by results of the words which used common to both Researches I and II.

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