Radiation Environment and Medicine
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Creative Approach to Internal Staff Training in Radiation Emergency Medicine at Hirosaki University Advanced Radiation Emergency Medical Support Center
Takakiyo TsujiguchiTomoki KoiwaJunko MikamiChieko ItakiKatsuhiro Ito
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2022 年 11 巻 1 号 p. 21-24


The impact of COVID-19 has hampered participative training over the last few years at the Advanced Radiation Emergency Medical Support Center and Nuclear Emergency Core Hospital. Therefore, the Advanced Radiation Emergency Medical Support Center at the Hirosaki University has introduced e-learning since 2020. Monthly notifications of e-learning opportunities were sent to each department. According to a survey regarding internal training completion rate in radiation emergency medicine since the start of the training program, as of March 2021, 89.3% of all Hirosaki University Hospital employees have already completed training. Thus, human resource development in the hospital had progressed steadily; including training in 2020, when e-learning was introduced. This indicates that e-learning effectively promotes participation. In addition, detailed notifications about events were provided to each department, which was effective in raising awareness among staff and improving attendance. In this paper, we report the details of our training program through e-learning.

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