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Present Status of Liquid Scintillation Counter
An Application of 14C Measurement Using Low Background Liquid Scintillation Counting Systems
Hirohisa SAKURAI
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2012 Volume 61 Issue 2 Pages 87-93


he concentrations of 14C in the atmosphere are employed to check biomass fuels for their natural vegetation origin at present, because the vegetation is growing up by photosynthesis accompanying the fixation of carbon dioxide in the present atmosphere. Fossil fuels such as petroleum oil are free from the 14C. Bio Diesel Fuel(BDF) is vegetable origin attracting as a new alternative to diesel fuel from petroleum oil. Liquid scintillation counting system Quantulus 1220TM(LSC) is applied to the 14C measurement of BDF, as a direct measurement of the oil samples without any sample preparation. The Ultima Gold LLT was a good scintillator cocktail for the 14C measurement of the BDF. The 1g BDF sample mixed to the Ultima Gold LLT of 19mL showed evidently a good 14C βray spectrum. The 14C radioactivity of the BDF was consistent to the 14C concentration in the atmosphere at present time whereas the 14C in diesel oil of fossil fuel was negligible for the detection. The liquid scintillation counting method with low background is advantageous for the direct measurements of liquid samples without any sample preparation to the environmental radioactivity with a natural level.

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