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Radioactive Waste Disposal (II): —Trans-Uranium Element in Waste Disposal—
Hiromichi Fumoto
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2019 Volume 68 Issue 9 Pages 631-642


The specific activity of natural origin to be less than 10 nCi/g (370 Bq/g) given by BSS in IAEA in 1962 plays the key roll in waste acceptance criteria for nuclides of natural origin. This paper extends the application of the specific activity concentration of 10 nCi/g(370 Bq/g) to the waste disposal containing trans-uranium elements. Such criteria is by chance discussed in the peak time of cold war competition, namely, mass production of PIT, a crucial part of warhead in nuclear weapon. AEC in U.S. was faced to solve the Pu bearing waste disposal problem with rational and acceptable level to dispose most of the waste safely in shallow burials. Then again the number of 10 nCi/g (370 Bq/g), a typical radium concentration in the crust quoted again to receive the consensus. Although it is somewhat rough, it may have some secret power to be accepted by the public. This report investigates the details of what happened in the cold war time and how the U.S. government agencies cleared the obstacles.

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