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Experimental Studies on the Absorption and Excretion of Cadmium
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1973 Volume 22 Issue 12 Pages 694-700


This study was undertaken to clarify the absorption and excretion of cadmium in the body.
The excretion into the feces and urine, the absorption and excretion through the gastrointestinal tract, the distribution of 109Cd were investigated in mice by means of the sample measurement and the whole body autoradiography.
Orally administered 109CdC12 was poorly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the body and the greater part of the 109Cd was excreted into the feces.
Intravenouslly injected 109CdC12 was excreted into the gastrointestinal tract through the gastrointestinal wall and the bile duct, and excreted into the feces.
In either oral administration or intravenous injection, the 109Cd was excreted into the urine a little.
To compare the absorption and excretion in each gastrointestinal tract divided into 10 parts, 109Cd was relatively well absorbed in the lower part of small intestine, and excreted in the middle and lower part.
The 109Cd absorbed into the body was distributed to the liver, the kidney, the gastrointestinal wall, the pancreas, the salivary gland and the other tissues.
It is concluded from the results obtained that the greater part of ingested cadmium (inorganic cadmium) is excreted into the feces and a little part of it is absorbed into the body, and a little part of the absorbed cadmium is excreted into the gastrointestinal tract and subsequently excreted into the feces.

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