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湯本 泰弘花房 直志永松 知洋岡田 茂
ジャーナル フリー

1997 年 46 巻 7 号 p. 443-449


An incineration system was constructed which were composed of a combustion furnace (AP-150R), a cyclone dust collector, radioisotope trapping and measurement apparatus and a radioisotope storage room built in the first basement of the Radioisotope Center.
Low level radioactive samples (LLRS) used for the combustion experiment were composed of combustible material or semi-combustible material containing 500 kBq of 99mTcO4 or 23.25 kBq of 131INa. The distribution of radioisotopes both in the inside and outside of combustion furnace were estimated. We measured radioactivity of a smoke duct gas in terminal exit of the exhaust port. In case of combustion of LLRS containing 99mTcO4 or 131INa, concentration of radioisotopes at the exhaust port showed less than legal concentration limit of these radioisotopes. In cases of combustion of LLRS containing 99mTcO4 or 131INa, decontamination factors of the incineration system were 120 and 1.1, respectively.

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