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パン酵母抽出高分子多糖体 (β-1, 3-D-Glucan) の抗腫瘍効果, 放射線防護効果
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2003 年 52 巻 12 号 p. 687-691


(Objectives) Various natural extracts are manufactured and on sale as health food products, which are raising popular consciousness of being ft, because they are considered effective or suppressible for cancer. in the current experiment, we measured the immunological activity, antitumor effects, and radioprotective effects of β-1, 3-D-glucan (Macroglucan) extracted from bread yeast.
(Experimental Methods and Materials) Macroglucan of 0, 200, 400, and 800mg/kgwere administered intraperitoneally toC3H/HeJmice, respectively. The antitumor effects of Macroglucan were examined by measuringNKandLAKcell activity and tumor volume. Change in weight, survival, and microscopic manifestation of the intestine were evaluated in theC3H/HeJmice received total body irradiation to measure radioprotective effect of Macroglucan.
(Results and Discussion) According to measurements of cellular cytotoxicity, levels ofNKandLAKcell activity were significantly higher in the group administered Macroglucan than in the control group. Macroglucan's role in immunological activity was suggested by the observed suppression of tumor growth in the Macroglucanadministered group. That group also experienced suppression of weight loss after irradiation in the experiment for radioprotection, and a consequent increase in the survival rate compared with the control group. Protective effects appeared in photomicrographs of the intestinal cells. These results confirmed Macroglucan's radioprotective effects. These effects may be related to the suppression of infection accompanying immunological activation due to Macroglucan administration, antioxidant activity, and radical scavenging capacity.

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