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Comparative Study of FFD (Finger to Floor Distance) resulting from the stimulation on head,trunk,and feet along F4 (Bladder meridian) and F5 (Gall Bladder meridian)
Kimiya GotoTamiho NemotoSatoshi HacihiyaYan Yan
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2012 Volume 57 Issue 4 Pages 183-189


Meridian Points along F4 (Bladder Meridian) and F5 (Gall Bladder Meridian) appeard highly abnormal in lower back pain patient according to Neurometry. These specific acupuncture points are F465 (BL4, Qucha) and F462 (BL7, Tongtian) on the head; F432 (BL23,Shenshu) and F430 (BL25, Dachangshu) on the trunk; and F414 (BL40, Weizhong) and F48(BL60, Kunlun) on the feet in F4 (Bladder meridian); F535 (GB9, Tianchong) and F533 (GBll,Qiaoyin) on the head; F515 (GB30, Huantiao) and F519 (GB26, Daimai) on the trunk; and F511 (GB34, Yanglingquan) and F56 (GB39,Ⅹuanzhong) on the feet in F5 (Gallbladder Meridian). Reactive Electro Conductive Points (RECP) were clearly recognized in the above mentioned points. FFD (Finger to Floor distance) was studied comparing the measurement values before and after one of the following treatments: (1) acupuncture needling to the depth of 3cm using No.51.6-cun needle followed by low frequency electrical stimulation using needle electrodes for 15 minutes, or (2) EAP (Electro Acupuncture: Needling with Direct Current) using sparrow pecking technique for fivetimes needle reciprocal movement.FFD was improved the best by the stimulation on the head area, resulting lesser degree by the stimulation onto the low back region, and also lesser degree by the stimulation onto the feet. This result suggests that the acupuncture treatment for low back pain is required not only the needling stimulation on the affected low back area, but also stimulation in the specificpoints on the head.

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