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The Royal Line of the Palembang Sultanate Found in Malay Manuscripts
Tsuneyuki SUZUKI
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1988 Volume 1988 Issue 17 Pages 38-59


The aim of this paper is to examine the royal line of the Palembang Sultanate. In order to inquiry into this subject, especially before the mid-17th. century, we should check the Malay manuscripts written by Palembang people, comparing them with the contemporary Dutch documents from the VOC archives. These Malay manuscripts include genealogies, genealogical accounts and historical traditions of the Palembang Sultanate.
In this work, some new facts were found about the royal line chiefly in the early period. The chronological list of raja's or sultans are given as follows:
(1) Kiai Geding Sura. 1559/58 (H966)-1580/81 (H988). 22 years.
(2) Kiai Geding Ilir. Kiai Geding Sura Muda. a younger brother of (1). 1580/81-1581/82 (H989). 1 year.
(3) Kemas Depati. a son of (2). 1581/82-1593/92 (H1001). 12 years.
(4) Pangeran Mading Suka. a younger brother of (3). 1593/92-1627 (H1036). 35 years.
(5) Pangeran Made Alit. Raja Adipati. a younger brother of (4). 1627-1629 (H1038/39). 2 years.
(6) Pangeran Siding Pura. Raja Raden Aria. a younger brother of (5) 1629-1636 (H1045). 7 years.
(7) Pangeran Siding Kenayan. Raden Tumenggung. a son of (3). 1636-?.
(8) Pangeran Siding Pesarian. a cousin of (7).: ?-?.
(9) Pangeran Siding Rajak. a son of (8). ?-1660 (H1070). (7)-(9): total 25 years.
An interregnum for some months.
(10) Suhunan Abdulrahman. Sultan Abdul Jemal. Raden Tumenggung. a younger brother of (9). 1660 (H1071)-25 October 1701 (H1113) abdicated. 10 December 1706 died. 42 years.
(11) Sultan Muhammad Mansur. Sultan Ingalaga. a son of (10). 1701-1714 (H1126). 13 years.
(12) Sultan Kamaruddin. a younger brother of (11). 1714-1724 (H1136). 10 years.
(13) Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin. a son of (11) and son-in-law of (12). 1724-1757 (H1171). 35 years.
(14) Sultan Ahmad Najamuddin. a son of (13). 1757-1776 (H1190). 19 years.
(15) Sultan Muhammad Bahauddin. a son of (14). 1776-1804 (H 1218). 28 years.
(16) Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin. a son of (15). 1804-1812 (H 1227). 9 years.
Probably, (8) Pangeran Siding Pesarian usurpted the throne from (7) by poisoning. Therefore, he and his descendants needed to claim their legitimacy that they should succeed to the thrones. One of means for claimimg the legitimacy was praising their family, especially Pesarian's father Raden Tumenggung Mancanegara and his sister Ratu Sinuhun, as the great founder of adat law in Palembang. This is the origin of the legend of Ratu Sinuhun.

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