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Accuracy validation of cavitation performance prediction for single hydrofoil by LES
Takayuki SUZUKIYoshinobu YAMADEChisachi KATO
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2011 Volume 63 Issue 1 Pages 55-60


Cavitating flows often have unsteady large 3D structures. We therefore believe that Large Eddy Simulation(LES) should be applied to the numerical simulation of cavitating flows. We used Dynamic Smagorinsky model for the subgrid scale model of LES and source/sink model for cavitation model. Weak compressibility is introduced by the low Mach assumption. As a basic test case, we calculated cavitating flows around 2D hydrofoil, Clark-Y11.7%, NACA0015 and validated accuracy by comparison with experimental data. The breakdown characteristics of the hydrofoils were not simulated accurately. The discrepancy between the simulation and measured breakdown characteristics is most likely to be related to that the present simulation cannot accurately predict the cavity length or large unsteady structures.[This abstract is not included in the PDF]

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