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2013 年 25 巻 4 号 p. 111-116


In order to investigate the cooling effect by plants on the thermal environment, the temperature of the system with plants was measured and compared to the temperature of the control system without plants for twelve species of plants, Asparagus, Basil, Begonia, Chingensai, Fuyushirazu, Geranium, Habotan, Marigold, Minitomato, Oxycardium, Pansy, and Pothos. In many species of plants, as the temperature of the environment was high, the temperature of the system with plants was lower than that without a plant. The more the surrounding temperature was high, the more the bigger difference arose between these two temperatures. From the difference between the two temperatures, plant thermal effect (PTE) diagram was described, and the method of PTE analysis was proposed. The cooling effect by plants and the function of temperature controlled by plants were defined. The cooling effects by Chingensai, Fuyushirazu, Marigold, Habotan, Minitomato, Begonia, Oxycardium, Pansy, and Basil were stronger in the order. The functions of temperature controlled by Oxycardium, Chingensai, Minitomato, Marigold, Fuyushirazu, Begonia, Habotan, and Pansy were stronger in the order. In the case of Asparagus, Geranium, and Pothos, both of the cooling effect and the function were not strong. From the characteristics of the cooling effects and the functions, those plants were classified into three types.

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