Online ISSN : 1880-4500
Print ISSN : 1347-0485
ISSN-L : 1347-0485
Performance of Aluminum Materials as a Photocatalyst Support for Air Purification
Fumiya MiyazakiKyohei NomuraFumihide Shiraishi
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2020 年 32 巻 4 号 p. 75-81


To explore the possibility of aluminum (Al) materials as a support, titanium dioxide (TiO2) was immobilized on aluminum Al foil sheets and tubes and acetaldehyde (AA) and toluene were photocatalytically decomposed. The photocatalyst immobilized on the Al foil sheet provided the highest activity at a drying temperature of 400 °C. This is mainly due to a fact that organic compounds accumulated in an electric dryer hardly adsorb on a TiO2 film in the drying process. Both the photocatalysts immobilized on the Al foil sheet and tube quickly decomposed AA and toluene to below the measurement limits of a gas chromatograph (30 and 40 ppb, respectively). Moreover, simulations on the photocatalytic decomposition of AA indicated that in the 40 m3-room under a constant release of AA from the wall, the steady-state concentration of AA certainly becomes less than the indoor-air guideline of AA if twelve reaction tubes are used. In conclusion, the Al materials can effectively be used as a support of TiO2.

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