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Solvent Extraction Research and Development, Japan
Vol. 18 (2011) p. 187-192




Solvent impregnated kapok fibers are prepared, employing 2-ethylhexyl phosphonic acid mono-2-ethylhexy ester as the extractant, and the adsorption property of Eu(III) are investigated. Kapok fibers possess a higher impregnation ability for the extractant than conventional solvent impregnated resins, such as crosslinked polystyrene and crosslinked polymethacrylic ester, and thus solvent impregnated kapok fibers have a higher adsorption ability for Eu(III). The adsorption of Eu(III) with solvent impregnated kapok fibers progresses via a Langmuir adsorption mechanism and a high maximum adsorption of 0.685 mmol/g is obtained.

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