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Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan
Vol. 62 (2011) No. 3 P 179



Research Papers

In this study, multi-walled carbon nanotubes were used as a carbon support. The support for the Pt catalyst was prepared by a convenient technique without the need for acid or heat treatment. Two different preparation methods utilizing a nanocolloidal solution were developed; i. e., method 1 and method 2, an improved method 1. In method 2, the colloidal solution was prepared by first adding the carbon. Based on the SEM and TEM observations, the Pt nanoparticles (5-20 nm) were adequately supported. It was found that the Pt nanoparticles were better supported by the high dispersion in method 2 compared to method 1. The Pt amounts in the Pt/MWCNT catalysts were 31.4 wt. % and 45.9 wt. % when using methods 1 and 2, respectively, based on the ICP-MS measurements. The peaks belonging to the Pt metal were confirmed by XRD measurements. The Pt specific surface area of the Pt/MWCNT calculated by the cyclic voltammetry (CV) measurement results was greater than that of the commercially available Pt/Ketjen catalyst.

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