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Vol. 34 (1983) No. 11 P 548-553



Electropolished 99.99% Al foil coupons were. galvanostatically anodized in C2H2O4 solutions by applying a fixed amount of charge (7.2 Coulombs/m2). The morphology of the formed oxide (cell size, 2R, pore diameter, 2r, and barrier layer thickness, δb) was examined as functions of the acid concentration (2-8%), temperature (10-40°C) and current density (1-180Am-2), by using electronmicroscopy and electrochemical techniques developed in a previous investigation. The morphology of the oxide films is solely the function of the anodizing voltage, Ea, while Ea is affected by the solution concentration, temperature and anodizing c.d. The density of oxide, ρ, is estimated to be 3.0-3.5, as being the weight of film divided by the volume of oxide. The value of ρ was found to increase with decreasing c.d. and increasing temperature and solution concentration.

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