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The Political Process in the Genroku Land Survey (元禄検地) of Bingo Fukuyama (備後福山) Domain
Eiko Omori
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1981 Volume 90 Issue 3 Pages 308-331,392-39


It is well-known that the organization of the Domain vassals under the Bakuhan system was fundamentally on the basis of the principle of military system, and the administrative organization of the Han was determined by the hereditary ranks in the military system. But leaving aside general problems, how far did this principle apply to jobs that required particular specialist knowledge or ability. This paper deals with the problems of land surveys that accompanied the social skills for local conditions, by studying the Genroko land survey of the Bingo Fukuyama domain that was executed by the Okayama Han (岡山藩) under the direction of the Bakufu. It aims, first, to clarify the basis of the organization of officials for the land survey through a concrete analysis of the way in which they, were selected, and second to examine the form of negotations between the Bakufu and the Han. In conclusion, it can be pointed out that the principle of military system was abided in this case as a matter of formalily, and even specialized work was restricted within the framwork of hereditary ranks. However it was essential to have people in charge of practical matters to supplement the deficiencies arising from priority given to the hereditary ranks. This problem is characteristic of the society under the Bakuhan system.

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