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On the Qualification for the Recipients of Paddyfields as Prescribed in the Taiho Code
Toshiya Torao
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1981 Volume 90 Issue 4 Pages 395-420,530


I have formerly insisted that those who were six years old and over at the time of the household census were to receive their plots in the following paddyfield allotment year, but recently Mr.Shosuke Kochi and Mr.Kazunori Akashi criticized this view of mine. This paper aims at revising and strengthening my former view on the examination of the opinions of these two scholars. The results are as follows : 1)Akashi's new view that no restriction of age was prescribed in the Taiho Code is not acceptable because of his infirm reasoning. 2)I think I have reason for refuting Kochi's criticism, but I will accept Akashi's criticism and revise the expression of my view to some extent, that is, "those who were six years old and over" should be revised as "those after whose birth six years or more had passed". 3)As the allotment system gradualy collapsed after the beginning of the ninth century, it became nonsense to keep up a close relation between the household census and the ensuing paddyfield allotment. As a result, most likely the government could not help adopting a convenient allotting method, that is, the provincial officials allotted the plots to those who had been in their sixth calender year and over at the time of the occasional allotment. So that I should point out the dangers of making use of a tenth-century source for searching the meaning of a provision of a code compiled in the early eighth century without regarding the situation as it developed in the ninth century.

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