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Transient Method for Measurement of Effective Porosity
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1988 Volume 104 Issue 1200 Pages 57-62


This paper describes a new and simple method for determination of effective porosity with transient flow of gases through a porous media.
The unsteady flow of gases through porous media is influenced by effective porosity. We have expanded numerical model and method used by Aronofsky and Jenkins by including thetime for inlet pressure to rise in order to construct the methodof measuring effective porosity of a porous media. On the basis of the numerical calculation, the timelag, required for gas flowing out to the half steady state from the time of the inlet pressure to rise to the half, was related to the characteristics of gas flow such as effective porosity, permeability and so on.
Present method was successfully applied to measure the three samples of porous media formed by compressing powder aluminum and powdered coal. By flowing gases uniformly through each samples, permeability, Klinkenberg's constant, effective pore-area and mean pore-radius were measured. And each Effective porosity and tortuosity were determined on the measured timelag of the transientoutlet flow which was generated by giving impetuous inlet pressure.

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