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Identification and Analyses of Main Cardiac Glycosides in Corchorus olitorius Seeds and Their Acute Oral Toxicity to Mice
Yukihiro GODAShinobu SAKAITakatoshi NAKAMURAHiroshi AKIYAMAMasatake TOYODA
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1998 Volume 39 Issue 4 Pages 256-265_1


Two digitoxigenin glycosides (coroloside and glucoevatromonoside) as well as strophanthidin glycosides (erysimoside, olitoriside, corchoroside A and helveticoside) were identified as main cardiac glycosides in the methanol extract of “Moroheiya” (Corchorus olitorius) seeds. HPLC analyses revealed that C. olitorius seeds collected in Japan contained cardiac glycosides at the level of 0.1-1.0% (wet weight). Also, it was suggested that dark greyish green seeds contained more cardiac glycosides than dark greyish yellow-dark greyish yellow-green seeds. Gluco-(1→6)-olitoriside and olitoriusin which had been reported as the main cardiac glycosides by Mahato et al., were not detected by HPLC and 1H-NMR analyses.
The acute oral toxicity of isolated cardiac glycosideswas tested in male ddY mice (6 weeks of age). The LD50 values of a mixture of erysimoside-olitoriside (6:4), and a mixture of coroloside-glucoevatromonoside (1:1) were>500mg/kg. Further toxicity testing could not be carried out because the amounts of the cardiac glycosides isolated were insufficient.

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