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Characteristics of the fabrics woven with silk threads changing the reeling speed widely in the automatic reeling machine
- as compared with the sitting type reeling method -
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2003 Volume 12 Pages 57-64


  The difference of reeling tension when the reeling speed was changed from the low speed (30m/min) to the high speed (240m/min) in the automatic reeling machine (ARM) was not so much, namely, it was about 5-8 grams at each reeling point (0.2-0.3g/d, at 27 denier reeling). The reeling tension of the sitting type reeling machine (SRM, Zaguri-ki, moved by the motor) was obvious different from the ARM, it was very low, that is, when the reeling speed was 120m/min, the tension of the ARM was about 23 grams and the SRM was about 8 grams at the former point of winding the wheel. The characteristics of silk thread was that the more the reeling speed, the less the elongation of silk thread, and the more the reeling speed, the more the tenacity and Young's modulus. Regarding the fabric properties, the fabrics of the low reeling speed was relative soft, and had comparative high value of FUKURAMI (Fullness and softness) by KES system. The fabrics made of silk threads reeled by the SRM was higher value of SHINAYAKASA (Flexibility and soft feeling) than the ARM at the same reeling speed (120m/min). This was considered to be influenced by the reeling tension. It is difficult for the ARM to approach the reeling tension of the SRM, because the reeling mechanisms are quite different between them. This shows a direction considering the mechanism which is able to reel a soft and bulkiness silk .

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