Skin Cancer
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1992 年 7 巻 3 号 p. 281-284


A case of polypoidal malignant melanoma, arisen from the black pigmented spot on the face of 48-year-old female was reported.
Two years ago, the patient noticed the pigmented spot on the right side of the jaw, and it has extended with scratching.
The tumor has elevated rapidly on the pigmented spot, and recently bleeding was observed.
Present illness: There was black, partially dark red, and elastic hard polypoidal tumor, sized 18×15×7 mm on the pigmented spot. The easy-bleeding erosion and crust were observed on the surface of the tumor.
Pathologic findings: Tumor cells were composed of different sired atypical epitheloid cells chiefly, and they contained clear nuclei. Aboundant melanin granules were observed in the cytoplasm of the tumor cells. At the site of peripheral part of the tumor, the incleasing of atypical melanocytes were observed in the basal layer.
Therapy: After DAV and IFN-β therapy, wide spread surgical excision and cervical lymphadenectomy were done. Metastasis was observed in the part of cervical lymph nodes. After the operation, DAV and IFN-β therapy were added.

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