Skin Cancer
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瀬戸山 充島田 辰彦西 正行宇宿 一成神崎 保
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1994 年 9 巻 2 号 p. 206-211


Growth patterns of malignant cutaneous tumors in 21 patients obtained by magneti resonance imaging (MRI) were assessed in contrast with those in histological examinations.
Degree of intradermal invasion in MRI pictures of the lesions was well corresponded with that in histological examinations. In general, intensit of tumor images was higher in T2 weighted images than that of T1 weighted images. It is very likely that cellularity, inflammation, edema and degeneration of the lesions may cause the phenomena.
MRI seems to be better to analyze tumor invasion arising in head and neck region than other imaging method such as CT scan, xerography and FCR, because MRI enables us to select slice freely, when the lesion occurs in unevenly surfaced region.

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