Skin Cancer
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1994 年 9 巻 2 号 p. 225-228


We report efficacy of combination therapy consisting of systemic recombinant interferon-γ (INF-γ) and local electron beam radiation to early tumor-stage of mycosis fungoides. A 80 year-old male patient was seen with erythema, pigmentation and papular eruption on his entire body surface. Some nodles with partial erosion and ulceration was observed mainly on his upper extremities. After confirming the diagnosis on biopsied specimens, we first start to treat him with systemic radiation therapy with electron beam. This resulted in partial remission while erythema and papules recurred after 6 months. Intravenous injection of INF-γ (2, 000, 000IU/day×days), was tried and found effective for erythematous patches but not effective for nodular lesions. We started local radiation on the nodular lesions with electron beam (2Gy/day), combined with systemic INF-γ. The combination therapy led the patientin well-controlled condition. It has been usually suggested that INF-γ is usefull forerythematous and early infiltrating stage of mycosis fungoides. We here emphasize a possible benefit of electron beam local radiation on the nodules in early tumor stage of mycosis fungoides during BRM (biological response modifier) therapy with systemic INF-γ.

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