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Primary Factors behind the Heavy Rain Event of July 2018 and the Subsequent Heat Wave in Japan
Akihiko ShimpoKazuto TakemuraShunya WakamatsuHiroki TogawaYasushi MochizukiMotoaki TakekawaShotaro TanakaKazuya YamashitaShuhei MaedaRyuta KuroraHirokazu MuraiNaoko KitabatakeHiroshige TsugutiHitoshi MukougawaToshiki IwasakiRyuichi KawamuraMasahide KimotoIzuru TakayabuYukari N. TakayabuYouichi TanimotoToshihiko HirookaYukio MasumotoMasahiro WatanabeKazuhisa TsubokiHisashi Nakamura
ジャーナル フリー

2019 年 15A 巻 p. 13-18


An extreme rainfall event occurred over western Japan and the adjacent Tokai region mainly in early July, named “the Heavy Rain Event of July 2018”, which caused widespread havoc. It was followed by heat wave that persisted in many regions over Japan in setting the highest temperature on record since 1946 over eastern Japan as the July and summertime means. The rain event was attributable to two extremely moist airflows of tropical origins confluent persistently into western Japan and large-scale ascent along the stationary Baiu front. The heat wave was attributable to the enhanced surface North Pacific Subtropical High and upper-tropospheric Tibetan High, with a prominent barotropic anticyclonic anomaly around the Korean Peninsula. The consecutive occurrence of these extreme events was related to persistent meandering of the upper-level subtropical jet, indicating remote influence from the upstream. The heat wave can also be influenced by enhanced summertime convective activity around the Philippines and possibly by extremely anomalous warmth over the Northern Hemisphere midlatitude in July 2018. The global warming can also influence not only the heat wave but also the rain event, consistent with a long-term increasing trend in intensity of extreme precipitation observed over Japan.

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