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Article: Years of the Maritime Continent (YMC)
Impacts of Cloud Microphysics Modifications on Diurnal Convection and the ISO over the Maritime Continent: A Case Study of YMC-Sumatra 2017
Tomoe Nasuno
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2021 Volume 17 Pages 16-23


Relationship between diurnal convection and the intraseasonal oscillation (ISO) over the western Maritime Continent (MC) was investigated by a case study of an ISO event that occurred during the Years of the Maritime Continent (YMC)-Sumatra 2017 campaign. Two sets of global cloud-permitting simulations using cloud microphysics settings for ISO prediction (CTL) and for climate simulation (MOD) were performed to clarify their impacts. CTL had biases of weaker diurnal variation and smaller precipitation amounts over land than in observations; these were reduced in MOD by higher probabilities of local intense convection in the middle troposphere and higher precipitation efficiency. The enhanced convection over land coincided with suppressed convection over the surrounding ocean, especially at the diurnal peak time of land convection. Exception is the onset period of the ISO convection, when upward moisture advection and precipitation increased also over ocean in MOD than in CTL at the diurnal peak time of oceanic convection. These results suggest that the enhancement of local convection over the MC by the cloud microphysical processes basically hinders the ISO convection by the activation of land convection, but it also favors the ISO convection development over ocean during the onset period.

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