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Vol. 47 (2006) No. 542 P 216-220




The influence of microshot peening on the surface layer characteristics of the steel for machine structural use was investigated. The microshot peening apparatus with a heating furnace was produced experimentally. The projective method of the microshot was a compressed air type. The peening microshots of 0.1mm diameter were cemented carbide, amorphous alloy and high carbon cast steel, and the workpieces were carbon steel, carburizing steel, spring steel and cold tool steel. The surface roughness, compressive residual stress and hardness in the peened workpieces were measured. The effect of processing temperature on the surface layer characteristics by warm shot peening and the evaluation of wear resistance were also examined. The use of hard microshots such as cemented carbide and amorphous alloy was found to cause a significantly enhanced peening effect for machine structural steel. It was also found that the surface of the workpiece peened by microshot was sufficient for the wear resistance.

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