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Effects of Mechanical Properties of Steels on Dynamic Collapse Behavior of High Strength Steel Hat Columns
Yoshitaka OKITSUShusaku TAKAGIYoshikiyo TAMAITadashi NAITOKaneharu OKUDANaoki TAKAKITomoaki SUGIURA
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2019 Volume 60 Issue 700 Pages 123-129


We investigated the relationship between the material properties and axial collapse behavior of hat-section hollow columns made of high-strength steels. Dynamic collapse tests of the columns and FEM simulations were conducted using high-strength steels with various tensile strengths and n-values. Materials that exhibited yield point elongation (YPEl) underwent enhanced accordion-type deformation in axial collapse owing to the occurrence of long wave buckling on the hat walls in the early stage of collapse. In addition, it was important to avoid fracture in the initial buckling region to induce progressive crumpling behavior. A high n-value of the material was favorable for avoiding fracture by increasing the bend radii and decreasing the strain concentration at the buckling regions on the hat walls, thereby resulting in stable progression of accordion-type folds. In conclusion, steels exhibiting YPEl and high n-values are favorable for inducing stable accordion-type deformation during axial collapse.

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