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Description of a Pelagic Juvenile Specimen of Gadella jordani (Actinopterygii: Gadiformes: Moridae) from Southern Japan, with a Note on the Color in Life
Makoto OkamotoKouji MatsudaTamaki Matsuda
ジャーナル フリー

2010 年 15 巻 3-4 号 p. 131-138


A pelagic juvenile (43.0mm standard length) of the morid Gadella jordani (Bohlke and Mead, 1951) was collected from Kagoshima Prefecture, southern Japan. It has a characteristically elongated body, long dorsal and anal fin bases with 73 rays in each fin, the anus located more anteriorly than the origin of the second dorsal fin, a ventral light organ, and no chin barbel. We describe the morphology of this specimen and also present a color photograph of it in life. This is the first report of any early life stage in this species.

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