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Seven New Species of Spiders of the Subfamily Coelotinae (Araneae: Agelenidae) from Kyushu, Japan
Ken-ichi Okumura
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2013 Volume 18 Issue 1 Pages 87-97


Seven new species of the subfamily Coelotinae are described from Kyushu, Japan, under the names Coelotes unzenensis sp. nov., C. saikaiensis sp. nov., C. koshikiensis sp. nov., C. iriei sp. nov., C. oxyacanthus sp. nov., Draconarius verrucifer sp. nov., and D. dialeptus sp. nov. Coelotes unzenensis sp. nov. and C. saikaiensis sp. nov are unique in comparison with all the known Japanese coelotine spiders with two exceptions, Alloclubionoides grandivulva (Yaginuma, 1969) and C. motobuensis (Shimojana, 2000), in lacking the patellar apophysis of the male palpus. Coelotes koshikiensis sp. nov. has genital organs similar to those of C. gotoensis Okumura, 2007 and is endemic to the Koshiki Islands, Kagoshima Prefecture. Coelotes iriei sp. nov. has genital organs similar to those of C. decolor Nishikawa, 1973, and these two species are closely related. Coelotes oxyacanthus sp. nov. resembles C. hiradoensis Okumura and Ono, 2006. This new species is endemic to the Goto Islands, Nagasaki Prefecture. Draconarius verrucifer sp. nov. is distinguished from the other known coelotine spiders from Japan by having a small protrusion on the epigynum. Draconarius dialeptus sp. nov. is found only on Yaku Island, Kagoshima Prefecture. Its male palpal structure is similar to that of some other species of Draconarius, including D. aspinatus Wang, Yin, Peng, and Xie, 1990, D. bituberculatus Wang, Yin, Peng, and Xie, 1990, and D. venustus Ovtchinnikov, 1999. In this paper, D. verrucifer sp. nov. is described based only on females, D. dialeptus sp. nov. on males, and the other new species on both sexes.

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