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Redescription of the Shortfin Pomfret, Brama pauciradiata, Based on Japanese Specimens (Actinopterygii: Perciformes: Bramidae)
Yusuke HibinoMakoto OkadaMasato MotekiSeishi Kimura
ジャーナル フリー

2014 年 19 巻 2 号 p. 111-115


The shortfin pomfret, Brama pauciradiata Moteki, Fujita and Last, 1995, is redescribed based on six specimens collected off Mie Prefecture, Japan. Although this species was originally described based on 23 specimens collected off northwestern and northeastern Australia and off Hawaii, the largest specimen measured 81.8 mm SL and most of the type series are juveniles of less than 50 mm SL. The present specimens include five much larger specimens, of 103.8-160.1 mm SL. Distinct differences observed in some proportional measurements between the type series and the present larger specimens are regarded as ontogenetic changes because the countable characters agree well with those of type series and because the pattern of transformation in body shape of the present specimens and the type series of B. pauciradiata is similar to that of its congeners. The distance from the lowest part of the base of the pectoral fin to the insertion of the pelvic fin, and also the pale caudal peduncle saddle of preserved specimens, were regarded as diagnostic characters in the original description, but these characters are shared with congeners. A female specimen of 155.0 mm SL (FRLM 42111) is regarded as representing the minimum size of maturity because of the condition of its oocytes. The distributional range of B. pauciradiata extends from the eastern Indian Ocean to a wide area of the western-central Pacific Ocean.

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