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Establishing Readiness Evaluation Items for Children with Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilities for Postgraduation Life: The Delphi Technique
Yuichi Nakayama Ryota KikuchiTae KawaharaAkemi Yamazaki
ジャーナル フリー 早期公開

論文ID: 22-O011


This study identified items of a readiness evaluation tool for children with severe motor and intellectual disabilities (CWSMID) and their parents regarding their lives after graduation. A qualitative study with teachers, school nurses, and caregivers who supported CWSMID during graduation was conducted to confirm the content validity of readiness items. Thereafter, a three-round Delphi study was conducted involving teachers across Japan to establish a consensus regarding these items. The Delphi study included 248 teachers from 41 Japanese special-needs schools. Although Round 1 had a response rate of 52%, Rounds 2 and 3 had response rates as high as 90%. The Delphi study identified 45 readiness items for life after graduation. The readiness evaluation included five domains: “Preparing for life after graduation,” “Preparing for activities postgraduation,” “Preparing to maintain existing support,” “Psychological preparations for postgraduation,” and “Preparing for the physical disorders of CWSMID.” The readiness items for CWSMID and their parents for life after graduation exhibit a high content validity.

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