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Evaluation of a Video-Modeling Package for Training Teachers to Conduct a Preference Assessment
Yasuhiko Aoki Natsumi FujimotoYukari NemotoFumiyuki Noro
ジャーナル フリー 早期公開

論文ID: 22-P005


This study replicated the effects of written instructions followed by a training package consisting of video modeling, voiceover instructions, and performance feedback on preference assessment skills acquired by Japanese special school teachers. A single-subject research design was used. The effects of written instruction were evaluated followed by a video modeling and performance feedback on participants’ Multiple Stimulus Without Replacement (MSWO) assessment. Two women and a man (age range, 22 to 45 years) without previous training in MSWO assessment participated in the study. Their performance was evaluated based on the percentage of correctly implemented MSWO assessment steps. The results suggested that written instructions followed by the training video and performance feedback were effective in helping participants learn to implement the MSWO. The participants also successfully conducted the MSWO for a child with atypical responses. These findings are crucial for conducting preference assessments and supporting children with disabilities by utilizing their preferences for Japanese teachers who support children with disabilities.

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