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Vol. 54 (1988) No. 7 P 1167-1174



The flying behavior of neon flying squid was observed at 8 different locations in the subtropical region between long. 160°E and 172°W along lat. 37°N (surface temperature: 17-24°C), on board the R/V Omi-Maru in the period from July to August, 1984. Roughly 10-300 squids (estimated mantle length: 14-18cm) flew a distance of 10-20m at a height of 1-2 m above the sea surface in the same direction both by day and by night. The form of squid in flight closely resembled that of purpleback flying squid. Judging from these results, it is beleived that the smaller individuals under about 18cm in mantle length of neon flying squid live mainly near the surface of the sea, by day and night, and that they have a gliding-type flying behavior like flying fish, mainly to escape from their enemies.

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