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Impregnation of Sodium Titanate onto DMAPAA-Grafted Fiber under Mild Reaction Conditions and Its Strontium Removal Performance from Seawater
Mizuki KATAGIRIMichitaka KONOShun-ichi GOTOKunio FUJIWARATakanobu SUGOShigeko KAWAI-NOMADaisuke UMENOKyoichi SAITO
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2015 Volume 69 Issue 4 Pages 270-276


Sodium titanate was impregnated onto a commercially available 6-nylon fiber by means of radiation-induced graft polymerization of dimethyaminopropyl acrylamide(DMAPAA)and subsequent chemical modifications. A peroxo complex of titanium anions was bound onto the DMAPAA-grafted fiber before the bound titanium species was converted to sodium titanate through precipitation with sodium hydroxide. Impregnation percentage of sodium titanate of the fiber was constant at 20 % in the range of sodium hydroxide concentration in a mixture of methanol and water at a volume fraction of methanol of 80 % of 0.001 to 1 M, whereas the removal percentage of strontium from seawater leveled off at 80 % above a sodium hydroxide concentration in water of 0.1 M. Determination of adsorption isotherms in seawater demonstrates that the sodium-titanate-impregnated fiber with an impregnation percentage of 10 % exhibited 2.6-fold higher amount of strontium adsorbed in seawater per g of sodium titanate(8.8 mg-Sr/g)than a commercially available granular adsorbent for strontium, SrTreat®(3.4 mg-Sr/g).

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