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Diamond-Like Carbon Thin Films
Akio HirakiHiroshi Kawarada
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1987 Volume 1987 Issue 128 Pages 41-49


The properties of diamond are ascribed to C-C sp3 bondings from the point of chemical bonding. Diamond-like carbon (DLC) thin film is defined as a carbon film which is composed of chiefly C-C sp3 bondings. The characteristics of DLC films are approaching those of diamond crystals. DLC films have been formed in non-equilibrium states such as plasma processes, because sp2 bondings are stable under atomospheric pressure and ordinary temperature.
Among plasma processes, we have concentrated on reactive sputtering which is distinguished from usual physical sputtering. In reactive sputtering deposition, H radicals are thought to sputter graphite target chemically and deposit sp3 rich thin films selectively on substrates. We have also discussed characterization techniques which are applied to distinguish the chemical bondings and the micro structures in DLC thin films.

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