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Vol. 103 (2017) No. 9 p. 508-516



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The effect of atmospheric gas on gas absorption phenomena during tapping was studied by water model experiments. Atmospheric O2 gas composition around water stream was set as 20.9 (base), 11.0 and 4.0 vol% during tapping and changes of dissolved oxygen (DO) were observed. Experimental results were estimated with the kinetics formula considering dilution, volumetric coefficient (AkO) and saturated DO (CDO*). Experimental and calculated values were in good agreement with each other so that the utility of this method was confirmed.

Ar blow experiments were also estimated with the same method and atmospheric O2 gas consumption around plunge pool were discussed. Gas phase flow were visualized with volume fluid method (VOF) solver of OpenFOAM. In addition, O2 estimation model based on mass balance of oxygen was consisted. By using these methods, gas behavior around plunge pool were quantitatively discussed.

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