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Transformations and Microstructures
Recrystallization Behavior and Formation of {411}<148> Grain from α-fiber Grains in Heavily Cold-rolled Fe-3%Si Alloy
Masato YasudaKenichi MurakamiKohsaku Ushioda
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2020 Volume 106 Issue 3 Pages 143-153


Recrystallization texture is essential to control the mechanical and magnetic properties of steels. Both γ-fiber (ND//<111>) and α-fiber (RD//<011>) textures are known to develop during the rolling process of bcc iron. Recrystallization behavior from γ-fiber has been extensively studied. On the other hand, recrystallization behavior from α-fiber, in particular after heavy cold rolling reduction, has not been sufficiently clarified. In this study, recrystallization behavior from α-fiber, focusing on the formation of {411}<148> recrystallized grain, was investigated by means of EBSD and TEM. {411}<148> region already existed in the vicinity of deformed grains having upper α-fiber orientation ({100}<011> ~ {211}<011>). TEM observation revealed the existence of the lamellar structure with {411}<148> relatively fine dislocation cells in the {211}<011> deformed grains. With the progress of the recovery, {411}<148> subgrains (dislocation cells) are postulated to easily form and are surrounded by the deformed matrix grains with high angle interface. Thus, it is easy to form the recrystallization nuclei having the potential to grow with the sake of both high driving force and high interface mobility. At the early stage of recrystallization, {411}<148> recrystallized grains developed in {211}<011> deformed grains. At the later stage, {411}<148> recrystallized grains from {211}<011> deformed grains encroach {100}<011> deformed grains and new {411}<148> recrystallized grains developed in {100}<011> deformed grains.

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