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In situ Observation of Reduction Behavior of Multicomponent Calcium Ferrites by XRD and XAFS
Reiko MuraoMasao Kimura
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Article ID: TETSU-2020-077


Reduction behavior of various multi-component calcium ferrites at 900°C were investigated by using in situ X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Intermediate components were determined by XRD, and change in X-ray absorption spectra of Fe and Ca K-edges were analyzed to determine reaction rate constants. SFCA-I (Ca3(Ca,Fe)(Fe,Al)16O28) and SFCA (Ca2(Fe,Ca)6(Fe,Al,Si)6O20) consist of layered structure of spinel and pyroxene. Early stage of reduction reaction, diffraction peaks of spinel structure were observed which indicating SFCA-I and SFCA decomposed into these units at the first step of the reduction reactions. The spinel was reduced sequentially into FeOx then Fe. Intermediate component, Ca2(Fe,Al)2O5 originated in pyroxene module was hard to reduce and reaction was controlled by decomposition of this phase. Reduction of SFCA-I started later than SFCA (with 5.7 mol% Al2O3) under hydrogen gas reduction condition at 900°C. SFCA with a high aluminum content indicated lower reducibility than that with a low one.

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