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The Shrinkage of Burden Materials and Pressure Drop of Gas in Softening and Fusing Zones of Blast Furnace
Katsuya ONOYukihiro HIDAAkitoshi SHIGEMIKoretake KODAMA
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1975 Volume 61 Issue 6 Pages 777-786


The behavior of burden materials in the softening and fusing zones in the blast furnace was investigated using sinters and pellets under the condition simulating the blast furnace.
Materials with higher basisity showed less degrees of shrinkage at the same elevated temperature and begin to melt and drop at higher temperatures than materials with low basisity, because the materials with higher basisity have higher melting points. The degree of shrinkage of the materials studied was 70-90%, when they began to melt down.
An experiment for pressure drop of gas through the shrinkaged material was carried out and the following equation was presented;
K=K010α0 where. K: index of permeability resistance of softened material K0: index of permeability resistance before shrinkage
σ: degree of shrinkage
α: constant determined by the brand and size of the material
Using this equation, some consideration was tried for the pressuse drop of gas in the softening and fusing zones in the actual blast furnac.

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