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Phosphorus Removal from Fe-Cr-C Alloys with CaC2-CaF2 Flux
Yasushi NAKAMURAKazu-umi HARASHIMAMichihisa ITO
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1977 Volume 63 Issue 14 Pages 2287-2291


ESR experiment was made in which CaC2-CaF2 flux was used as an electro-flux under an inert atmosphere. Fe-C alloys containing Cr up to 64% were remelted. P and N contents as well as O and S ones of the alloys were found to be reduced during the remelting. Simultaneously, carbon pick-up was observed, indicating that CaC2 was decomposed into Ca metal dissolved in CaF2 melt and C in the liquid alloy. The refining ability of CaC2, therfore, was equivalent to that of Ca metal. The degree of phosphorus removal was determined only by the rate of CaC2 decomposition which was evaluated as a function of the feeding rate of CaC2 powder and the activity of carbon dissolved in the liquid alloy. Practical applications of CaC2-CaF2 flux as a new dephosphorizing reagent in refining processes were discussed.

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