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Measurement of Quasi-binary Interdiffusivities of Various Oxides in Liquid Slags
Yoshio UKYOKazuhiro S. GOTO
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1982 Volume 68 Issue 14 Pages 1981-1986


Quasi-binary interdiffusivities of several solute oxides in liquid CaO-SiO2-Al2O3 slag of 4 : 4 : 2 of charge weight ratio and liquid Fe2O3-CaO-SiO2 slag of 2.5 : 3 : 4.5 of charge weight ratio equibriated with air were measured by using the diffusion couple method between 1 350 to 1 450°C. After diffusion runs for 20 or 40 min, the sample was quenched to glassy state and analyzed by a X-ray micro-analyzer. The quasi-binary interdiffusivities obtained from the penetration curves of totally 68 successful diffusion runs can be expressed by the following equations.
( a ) 40wt%CaO-40wt%SiO2
D P2O5=2.16exp(-55.0/RT)
D Fe2O3=5.45exp(-66.8/RT)
D TiO2=2.3Oexp(-58.5/RT)
D MgO=3.27exp(-23.2/RT)
D MnO=5.04exp(-57.0/RT)
( b ) 25wt%Fe2O3-30wt%CaO-45wt%SiO2
D P2O5=3.42exp(-57.5/RT)
D TiO>=9.65exp(-79.6/RT)
D MnO=1.38exp(-34.1/RT)
D MgO=4.75exp(-22.5/RT)
D NiO=3.36exp=(-50.9/RT)
where quasi-binary interdiffusivities and activiation energies are given in the unit of cm2 per sec and kcal per mol, respectively.
Of a total 138 diffusion runs, only 68 samples gave normal penetration curves. Other unsuccessful samples contained many small gas bubbles.

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