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Scrapmelting Process in Steelmaking Converter Using Coke Bed
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1990 Volume 76 Issue 11 Pages 1893-1899


A steel production process with 100% scrap using a combination-blown converter was developed to utilize small converters, which tend to be out of operation under recent economical situations, and to improve flexibility of steel production. This process does not use hot metal. Instead of hot metal, it utilizes coke bed, which is formed initially on the bottom of a converter. It uses only coke as fuel, and uses nearly the same facilities as an ordinary steelmaking converter.
Experimental results in a converter for a 10t melt were as follows:
(1) Bottom blow equipment for oxygen was indispensable for this process. However, requisite ratio of bottom blow oxygen was 15%. The same facilities as a steelmaking converter were confirmed to be usable.
(2) The ratio of initially charged coke to the total amount of coke affected the whole heat efficiency of this process. When the ratio increased, perfect burning of coke promoted naturally. The higher the ratio, the lower the consumption of coke.
It was thought that the bottom blow oxygen was necessary to improve the reaction ratio of oxygen with coke, and that the effect of the initially charged coke was in agreement with thermodynamical conditions.

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