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Substitute Function for Mold Oscillation Replaced by Imposition of an Intermittent Alternating Magnetic Field in a Continuous Caster
Yueming ZHOUKensuke SASSAShigeo ASAI
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1999 Volume 85 Issue 6 Pages 460-465


In order to develop a mold oscillation-less continuous casting process, i.e. to replace the mold oscillation by an intermittent alternating magnetic field in a continuous caster, a model experimental work has been conducted using molten tin and gallium with low melting point, densities of which are as large as molten steel. The behavior of the mold flux penetrating into a flux channel between the molten metal and the mold and the process forming oscillation marks due to the mold oscillation were visualized. It was found that mold flux can penetrate periodically under the imposition of the intermittent alternating magnetic field even if without mold oscillation. The measured penetration depth of the mold flux agrees well with model predictions. Finally, the molten tin was continuously cast in a cold crucible type copper mold under the imposition of an intermittent alternating magnetic field instead of mold oscillation. It is noticed that molten tin can be successfully cast with the imposition of the magnetic field, but can not without it.

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