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Preliminary Report on the Typological Study of the Structure of Coastal Terraces
Tatsuo WAKO
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1969 Volume 21 Issue 4 Pages 179-184


Coastal-terrace studies have mainly been in the line corresponding to Strath terraces by A. D. Howard (1951) who discussed on the types of river terraces. The present author reports on the three peculiar exmaples of coastal terrace deposits from Northeast Japan, and reviews the relation between terrace deposits and its forms including similar land forms of non-marine origin.
1. When the matrix of terrace gravels is deficient, the preservation of deposits is bad due to the weakness of diagnosis. This influences the weathering conditions of gravels as well.
2. As a result, certain coastal terraces resemble to erosion surfaces of subaerial origin.
3. Sometimes terrace deposits consist of breocia which must be distinguished from the materials originated from talus or other subaerial processes.
4. When the terrace deposits show the marine to fluival sequence, the cause of the occurrence is to be examined. Of course, the surface form does not indicate the strand line.
5. It is expected that the coastal terrace of Filltop type by Howard bears the trace of regressive overlapping.
6. In the study of coastal gentle slopes the combination of items mentioned above are to be considered.

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