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Vol. 25 (2010) No. 2 P 262-271




Automatic construction methods for image processing proposed till date approximate adequate image transformation from original images to their target images using a combination of several known image processing filters by evolutionary computation techniques. Genetic Image Network (GIN) is a recent automatic construction method for image transformation. The representation of GIN is a network structure. In this paper, we propose a method of automatic construction of image classifiers based on GIN, designated as Genetic Image Network for Image Classification (GIN-IC). The representation of GIN-IC is a feed-forward network structure. GIN-IC is composed of image transformation nodes, feature extraction nodes, and arithmetic operation nodes. GIN-IC transforms original images to easier-to-classify images using image transformation nodes, and selects adequate image features using feature extraction nodes. We apply GIN-IC to test problems involving multi-class categorization of texture images and two-class categorization of pedestrian and non-pedestrian images. Experimental results show that the use of image transformation nodes is effective for image classification problems.

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