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Vol. 29 (2014) No. 2 論文特集「データマイニングとシミュレーション」,一般論文 p. 219-233




This paper presents a new analysis support system for analyzing non-dominated solutions (NDSs) derived by evolutionary multi-criterion optimization (EMO). The main features of the proposed system are to use association rule analysis and to perform a multi-granularity analysis based on a hierarchical tree of NDSs. The proposed system applies association rule analysis to the whole NDSs and derives association rules related to NDSs. And a hierarchical tree is created through our original association rule grouping that guarantees to keep at least one common features. Each node of a hierarchical tree corresponds to one group consisting of association rules and is fixed in position according to inclusion relations between groups. Since each group has some kinds of common features, the designer can analyze each node with previous knowledge of these common features. To investigate the characteristics and effectiveness of the proposed system, the proposed system is applied to the concept design problem of hybrid rocket engine (HRE) which has two objectives and six variable parameters. HRE separately stores two different types of thrust propellant unlike in the case of usual other rockets and the concept design problem of HRE has been provided by JAXA. The results of this application provided possible to analyze the trends and specifics contained in NDSs in an organized way unlike analysis approaches targeted at the whole NDSs.

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