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Synthesis of Spherical Photocatalyst LiTaO3 Particles for Overall Water-splitting
Koichiro UedaKoji TomitaKazumi FujitaV. PetrykinMasato Kakihana
ジャーナル フリー

2009 年 34 巻 2 号 p. 275-278


  In this study, we developed a new solution method, Peroxide Sol-Gel (PSG) method to obtain the LiTaO3 photocatalytic powder. This method uses the peroxo tantalum complex as a starting material. The precursor powders prepared by PSG method by spray-drying, formed spherical and hollow shaped particles and crystallized above 500 ℃. When the precursor was annealed at 700℃, the sample with the highest photocatalytic activity (H2: 539 μmol/h and O2: 253 μmol/h) was produced. The activity of this sample exceeded the activity of solid state reaction (SSR) method's sample. By use of the PSG method together with spray drying, the high-performance photocatalytic powders of LiTaO3 having large specific surface areas and small primary particle sizes have been obtained.

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