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Formation of Uniaxial Tensile-strained Ge by Using Micro-patterning of Ge/Si1-xGex/Si Structures
Takuya MizutaniOsamu NakatsukaAkira SakaiHiroki KondoShigeaki Zaima
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2009 年 34 巻 2 号 p. 305-308


  We have investigated the anisotropic strain structure of micro-patterned Ge/Si1-xGex mesa lines. The elastic strain-relaxation of a Si1-xGex layer by micro-patterning induces an uniaxial tensile strain into a Ge layer only for the direction perpendicular to the line. The pattern size dependence on the behavior of the elastic strain-relaxation of Si1-xGex layers is analyzed by FEM. Additionally, the XRD results for micro-patterned samples suggest that the overetching depth of the Si substrate also influenced the strain-relaxation of the Si1-xGex layers and the tensile-strain value of the Ge layers.

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