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Compact CAR: Low-overhead cache replacement policy for an ICN router
Atsushi OOKASuyong EUMShingo ATAMasayuki MURATA
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論文ID: 2017EBP3299


Information-centric networking (ICN) has gained attention from network research communities due to its ability to efficiently disseminate content. The in-network caching function in ICN plays an important role in realizing the design goals. However, many in-network caching researchers have focused on where to cache rather than how to cache: the former is known as content deployment in the network and the latter is known as cache replacement in an ICN router. Although cache replacement has been intensively researched in the context of web-caching and content delivery networks, the conventional approaches cannot be directly applied to ICN due to the fine granularity of chunks in ICN, which eventually changes the access patterns.

In this paper, we argue that ICN requires a novel cache replacement algorithm to fulfill the requirements set for high performance ICN routers. Our solution, Compact CLOCK with Adaptive Replacement (Compact CAR), is a novel cache replacement algorithm that satisfies the requirements. The evaluation result shows that the consumption of cache memory required to achieve a desired performance can be reduced by 90% compared to conventional approaches such as FIFO and CLOCK.

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